Article By Matt Nailor

Why women won’t get bulky

Female Testosterone levels

For starters you won't get bulky or look like the hulk, because you do don’t have or produce enough testosterone.

Men have significantly higher testosterone levels than women and women have higher estrogen levels than men. Compare the two and there are very large gaps, so why?  Women don’t have testicles. The majority of testosterone produced by men comes from the testes.

Woman do produces testosterone from  ovaries and adrenal glands in much smaller doses.

Testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone in the body, and since women have significantly less of the hormone muscle mass is much harder to come by in comparison with their male counterparts.

Even in women trying to gain significant muscle mass and site need to work extremely hard to build a lot of muscle and even then it’s at a fraction of the rate of a male.

So stop worrying and start lifting!

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