Article By Wayne Large

Michelle started with Absolute Training and Nutrition over 5 years ago. It was actually her husband who wanted a personal trainer, he suggested Michelle came along and see what it was like and if she would enjoy it he would join. Well over 5 years later Michelle continues to work with us, oh and her husband joined us too!

Originally Michelle just wanted to drop some weight and be fitter. Each month as michelle progressed her goals moved. One day her coach suggested competing in Bikini fitness Competition. Michelle’s initial response was “ I can’t to that”. However as Michelle trained, ate better, made small changes she started to believe she could. Encouraged by her coaches she made the shift to thinking about competing.

June 18th 2016 Michelle compete at the Body and Health Expo and Devon Classic. Michelle at 41 and the mother of 2 children stood on the stage and showed her hard work and determination. Amazing courage, A to, entering a competition and B entering a competition that’s local to you.

Michelles aim now is to compete next year and make improvements. We can not wait for next year. However Michelle probably is not wishing the year to pass too quickly.

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