Benefits of working out during your monthly cycle  

Article By Aysha George

Every woman has experienced their period and the symptoms that come with it.

You may feel rubbish, you may feel you look terrible, you have awful moods, horrible cramps your body craves bad foods all due to this monthly occasion.

But what if I was to tell you there is a solution to make these symptoms you get every month a bit more bearable. Well there is and it’s called exercise.  

Many woman tend to sit back and feel sorry for themselves during their time of the month so here is everything you need to know about working-out during your period. It may seem like the last thing you want to do, but working out can help relieve the symptoms that make having your period so annoying in the first place.

The more active you are, the more bearable your periods can become. Stacy Sims, PhD, an exercise physiologist for USA Cycling Women's Track Endurance Program and co-founder of Osmo Nutrition, explains she has found that when you sweat, water leaves the body, which can help relieve uncomfortable belly bloat. Exercise also releases mood-boosting endorphins, which evidence suggests might at least take your mind off discomfort or pain. And, a recent study revealed a correlation between higher levels of physical fitness and fewer PMS symptoms.  

So we have gone through the benefits of working out but what is the best exercise to throw yourself into? You may all think it would be something quite light but it has has been found that doing a HITT session (High intensity interval training) is the best thing to do. When your period starts, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop and because of this, women can access carbohydrate/glycogen more easily compared to high-estrogen which happens the time of your periods when our bodies rely more on the slow breakdown of fat. So In other words, this hormone shift makes fuel more accessible to your body, allowing you to push harder and get more out of short, fast-paced workouts than you would during other times of the month. So why don’t you give HITT training ago and see how you feel.  

However saying all this if your someone who really can not cope very well with your period and suffer badly then do not panic just take some time off until you are feeling back to your normal self and you feel able to get back to your normal routine.  

Just keep in mind consuming good healthy foods and giving your body the right nutrients is key. Try not to overindulge in chocolate or fatty foods as per your cravings as it won't make you feel better in the long run.

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