Article By Matt Nailor

Morning workouts what’s the deal?

So why should we get out of bed that little bit earlier and hit the gym? Here are some massive benefits to getting your workout in before you start your day.

It’s easier to follow high volume programmes.

Trying to complete a circuit or giant set in a packed gym can be a bit of a chore. But if you're willing to rise and shine before everyone else it makes completing these types of workouts that much easier.


Crucial hormones (e.g testosterone) that can help build muscle mass are at a higher or more optimum level in the morning. Meaning that if you train early you can take advantage of these hormones whilst at their peak.


So the gym may not be your number one priority, but that doesn't mean it should be neglected. It’s usually a decision between the gym and how much time you can spend at home. So getting to the gym in the morning leaves you more free time after work.


Exercise can increase your focus on the next activity, due to your body being aroused and for most that activity is work, studying so you should be more alert and focused.

Skipping workouts: A thing of the past

Early in the morning there are fewer distractions, once your up and had a coffee well you're up. Later in the day more things can stop you from getting to the gym, be it motivation, fatigue or wanting to go out with friends. You're far more likely to stay consistent training early and those after work distractions are no longer distractions.

Increased metabolic rate

Exercise in general will increase your metabolic rate. However doing so in the morning will automatically set you up for continuing to burn calories throughout the rest of the day.

Fewer Distractions

Don't get me wrong there's no issue with a little social aspect to your training, but with more people around it's easier to waste productive workout time and barely break a sweat. In the early hours fewer people will be in the gym allowing you to get in a well deserved productie training session.

Improved mood

Working out releases endorphin's- these are the feel good hormone, and hey why shouldn’t you feel good you've just completed your workout before the day has even begun. So feeling good and positive about your day, is there a better reason to set your alarm an hour earlier.

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