Article By Wayne Large

You have spent time building a great looking physique. Now you want to put it against others and see if your hard work can cut it on the stage. Dieting for a competition, is a whole new ball game opposed to getting ready for a beach holiday. Just having a six pack will not be enough.

Over the next few articles I will take you through the steps to getting on stage.


The hard work in the gym is a given, eating right is a given. The biggest mistake people make especially when prepping for a first show, is they don't plan, failing to plan is planning to fail after all. Seasoned competitive athletes already know that planning is the key..

Have the whole journey planned out, yes you may need to adjust things as you go, but at least it will all be documented. Documenting everything means you can use this plan everytime you compete. It’s like having the book of you, written by you about you, how you trained, how you ate, how much you drank, all the prep stuff, it’s all there in your book.


Competing is not cheap, food , training, supplements, it all costs, so be prepared. Take this from me to not try to compete on a budget, trust me on this one.


Hiring a prep coach can for the most part be a good idea. However today everyone who has ever competed is selling themselves as a prep coach. The key here is to speak to lots of different coaches . Remember you and your coach are going to be entering into a relationship of honesty so be sure you're happy with your coach.

Choose a coach who is respectful of what you want but be open minded to their suggestions. If you hire a coach their opinion and suggestions are the only ones that count, do not listen to others, remember you hired the coach for a reason.


The biggest potential issue with contest prep is what’s termed as ‘ metabolic damage’. Usually as a result of too much cardio etc and not enough calories. If you have restricted too much going into your competition the rebound will result in rapid weight gain following your comp. Other issues include thyroid issues, dehydration, depression, bloating and digestive issues to name a few.

In the next part we will go into contest prep more deeply.

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