Article By Matt Nailor

Life cannot exist without water, it must be consumed to ensure that we are properly hydrated. It is a cure for headaches, fatigue, joint pain and a whole lot more. The body can survive for weeks without food but only 3 days without water.

Our body is made up almost entirely of water (80-85%), 85% of the brain is water, 80% of blood and 70% of muscle tissue. Water is one of the few sources our body can retain the actual water from; soft drinks, alcohol, tea and coffee all steal water from the body.

Water is vital for almost every bodily function. A small drop in water can lead to fatigue. A drop as small as 2% can lead to short term memory, haziness, trouble with simple calculations and difficulty focusing on a screen or page.

Without water our digestive system does not function properly, we cannot absorb nutrients efficiently and important chemical reactions in the body cannot take place. Water Transports the proteins and carbs we use as food through the bloodstream, as well as transporting waste out of the body.

Water is essential for proper circulation around the body. The amount of oxygen we carry in our blood is greater when we are hydrated. The more oxygen ready for use by the body the more fat it can utilise and burn as energy. Without the presence of oxygen the body cannot access stored fat for energy efficiently.

Water removes toxins especially in the digestive tract. Water will help to suppress our hunger and help the body to metabolize stored fat. If we are more hydrated consistently our fat stores will reduce.

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