Article By Matt Nailor

Protein is potentially the most important factor when trying to gain muscle, but it is also an amazing contributor to fat loss.

Whey protein increases the amount of appetite suppressing hormones in the body, as it is composed of several bio active compounds (in other words small molecules that have powerful  effects on the body). Glyco Macro protein or GMP is a compound that may play a role in suppressing your appetite. GMP has been shown to increase to amount of the hormone from your gut called cholecystokinin that is excreted. This hormone helps to send signals to your brain to tell you , you are full or satisfied.

Whey contains more of the essential amino acid - leucine than any other protein source. Leucine potentially has a direct impact on appetite as well as it’s muscle building properties. In a scientific  study using mice that had consumed leucine compared to a control group. After a fasting period where unlimited food became available the mice that had consumed leucine gained a third of the weight that the control group did.

Research suggests that there is a relationship between leucine, MTOR (the growth regulator within cells) and the hypothalamus ( the appetite control centre of the body is located here).

When you consume whey that contains leucine, the leucine acts as a signal telling the body that fuel has become available. As a result, MTOR sends a signal to the hypothalamus to tell you, you are full.

Hunger can often be down to you having low blood glucose levels within normal ranges. This can cause a drop in blood glucose allowing help to curb this response, promoting steady blood glucose and appetite hours after eating. Rather than a massive spike in both glucose and insulin whey helps you remain even in both energy and appetite.

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