Article By Matt Nailor

Your diet may be well rounded but is your protein consumption adequate?

Every cell in your body contains protein, so it is important that you get the right amount, this is for both proper cell function and achieving your fitness goals. The recommended amount of protein is 0.8g per kilo of body weight, but if you train regularly you can kiss goodbye to that number.

Your body will require protein to enhance recovery from training and support and maintain muscle growth, so this obviously means more protein that guideline RDA.

Studies show that in study groups where group 1 ate 1.1g of protein per lb of body weight gained significantly more muscle mass than those in group 2 who ate 0.55g per lb of body weight. This was 4.6lb lean gain compared to 1.5lb lean mass gained.These results aid confirm that more protein would mean more lean mass gained and in turn, more lean mass means more fat burned.

So there is a clear advantage to eating a higher protein diet, both in lean mass gain and body fat loss.


And always remember the scales aren’t always the best way to tell if you’re making progress, you may gain 5lbs of muscle but lose 5lbs of fat but the scales will say you’re the same weight but that's a huge amount of progress! Better ways of measuring progress would include; photos, measurements and body fat testing e.g skinfold or body stat.

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