Habits of a successful dieter

Article By Chris Reeves

Know your macros 

Macros are an essential part of your nutrition plan, and something you should make yourself very familiar with. Macros may need to be manipulated and will be different for every individual so what works for someone else may not work for you, which is why this tip is to know YOUR macros, not someone else’s. 


Being consistent day in and day out may be boring at times but is often the difference between succeeding with your meal plan and falling off of the wagon. Your results will also flourish and show a lot quicker when you’re being consistent as it is always steps forward, without going back. 

Plan ahead 

Know what you’re going to eat and being ‘on plan’ will become very very easy. If you have a predetermined outline of what’s going into your body that day, you will be far less likely to be tempted to stray from your plan, and therefor be much more successful with staying on track.  

Meal Prep 

Following on from knowing what you’re going to eat, meal prepping is a sure fire way to ensure you are successful with your nutrition. Knowing what you’re going to eat is one thing, having it pre-prepared and ready to go is another. And again will help you steer clear from temptation, meal prep also allows you to get to know what your food should look like and makes it easy to cook in bulk. 

Stick to the basics 

Stick to basic and simple whole foods, they take less time to prepare and still taste great. Focus on easy to cook in bulk foods to make your life easier. 

Don’t dwell 

If you come off of plan don’t dwell on it because you’ll open the door to spiraling of off plan on a more regular basis, draw a line under your mistake and get straight back on your plan. The best way to ensure you stay on plan? Don’t dwell on your mistakes. 

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