Easy and nutritious snack ideas

Article By Aysha George

When you’re hungry and in a hurry try and reach for some of these quick easy nutritious foods. You can still eating tasty yummy foods without starving yourselves. Diets don’t have to be plain and boring, if they are your setting yourselves up for failure you will not stick to it! Adding in tasty healthy foods will leave you feeling satisfied and more determined to stay on track.  

Greek Yoghurt  

Try this for a tasty snack add some fresh fruit for some added fiber much better than reaching for you average fruit filled yoghurt's which pack as much as 20g of sugar. Greek yoghurt is not only packed with protein but also has a lot less sugar in it.  


1 ounce of nuts packs a substantial amount of protein and fiber as well as healthy fats, which are beneficial to the body in many ways, which can help lower high cholesterol, which can also prevent type 2 diabetes. You can gain all these benefits without consuming to many calories if you stick to the proper serving size try 30 pistachios or 23 almonds or a mixture of the both. The rule is a serving size is about the same size as a shot glass.  

Hard-boiled eggs 

At only 70kcal and egg which is rich in protein and low in calories It’s quick and easy. Just boil a load of eggs at the beginning of the week then when hunger strikes mid morning or mid day then peel and egg for a nutritious snack.  

Whole-wheat tortilla and houmous  

1 tortilla and 1 tablespoon of houmous will do the trick for a tasty snack mid-morning pop on some houmous on your tortilla wrap it up and be on your way with a fiber rich snack the humus provides fiber and some protein. Try and choose a tortilla that is 100% whole wheat.  

So here are just a few ideas for you guys to try out and give a go if your feeling peckish. Grab one of these to satisfy your cravings.  

There are many other snacks out there you can try its just a case of doing your research and also finding something you enjoy eating that at the same time packs a lot of goodness. Give these ago and let me no how you get on.

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