Article By Matt Nailor

Absolutes guide to surviving Christmas

Here at absolute training and nutrition we understand how tough it can be to negotiate the Christmas period without gaining a few unwanted pounds. So here’s our guide on how to navigate the festive period but to still enjoy yourself at the same time.

Christmas Dinner

Let's start with one of the main contributors to an expanding waistline over Christmas. The Christmas dinner, there are a few avenues we can explore here to reduce the bad affects a full Christmas lunch could have on your body.  Portion size - we know it’s good and we know that you want to enjoy it, but portion control is a must! Having a plate piled high is asking for trouble loaded with extra calories!

So reducing the size of your the mountain of food on your plate could be the best decision you make all Christmas.

Alternatives - The second way to ensure you beat the Christmas lunch is to make smart choices and to use alternatives. For example swapping white potato for sweet potato can save you calories, increase your fibre intake and get more of that much needed vitamin C. Another example is to use that white meat from your turkey than the brown meat, brown meat contains more fat and therefor, you guessed it, more calories! Greens, make sure you get plenty of the green stuff in (make sure it's veggies). Green veg will bulk out your plate, fill you up, but at a fraction of the calories in the meat or potatoes you may be consuming.


Next we will look at drinking, another major component of the Christmas festivities. But it doesn't have to be like that.

First lets look at how this works. When you drink an alcoholic beverage, your body see’s this as poison, the bodies priority changes from regular bodily functions to removing the alcohol from the system. This means that normal things such as the burning of glycogen or fat is stored in adipose tissue (fat cells) as this is easier than the body having to break it down.

Thermoregulation is not as effective so your temperature of your body is not consistent and can lead to excess loss of water and dehydration. This process of removing the alcohol from the body can take up to 72 hours.. 3 DAYS! That's 3 days lost progress. So is the drink really worth it?

We would suggest over the Christmas period that you try and choose a limit and stick to it. 1-2 units of alcohol in any given 7 day period would be a good place to start, as we understand everyone wants to let their hair down over the Christmas period.


Temptation is everywhere at this time of year from mince pies to chocolate, it awaits around every corner. So let's make some smart choices, swapping those crisps for nuts could prove to have a massive impact on damage limitation over Christmas as well as getting some healthy fats in.

However that is not to say that you can’t indulge a little , all we ask is “does it fit your macros” if you want a mince pie by all means eat it, just account for it in your daily totals if you're allowed 200g protein, 70g carbs and 75g fat in a day for example long as these foods don’t make you go over these totals you will be fine.. Just don’t make it a habit!

So there you have it a few simple and easy ways to help navigate the Christmas period without going to far off track.

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