Article By Matt Nailor

Sugar and Fat Loss

What’s so bad about it?

Research suggests that high sugar intakes have some form of effect on the rate at which obesity is increasing, a direct link to heart disease and possibly cancer. It is also heavily suggested that reducing or completely removing sugar from your diet will help to optimize both health and composition of the body. (ie fat, muscles etc.)

So is it the sugar or the extra calories that sugar brings? The average fizzy drink contains 40g-50g of sugar, which is the equivalent of an extra 160-200 kcal per drink. The issue with this is that these calories are ‘empty’ and to not help you to feel full. So effectively you’re consuming extra calories and still feeling hungry, that’s our one way ticket to fat gain.

Other than this sugar is more lipogenic than other carbohydrates. This means it causes an increase in fatty acid production and therefore promoting fat storage.

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