Article By Matt Nailor

Still not dropping fat?

So you’ve cut your carbs but your body fat still isn’t dropping? This could be why.

1. Eating too much fruit

It’s easy to do – you get rid of all the rubbish from your diet but replace and overload with fruit. Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you can have as much as you want. Fruit contains fructose, and even though some fruit is high in nutrients. Having too much high fructose (carbs/sugar) fruit mat cause your insulin levels to spike.

  1. Too many nuts

Yes nuts are on the low-carb list, however that isn’t to say you can have as many as you like. 1 serving is roughly half a closed fist (or 12 nuts), not half a bag!

  1. No list foods
    DO NOT keep foods from the no list (high carb) in your kitchen, they are a temptation you do not need. These can go we don’t need them.
  1. Low carb treats

So you’re eating decent food, but you still have that occasional low carb treat, that’s fine, but don’t let it become a habit or else those pounds will slowly creep back on.

  1. Not enough fat
    FAT IS NOT EVIL, some are, but healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados and nuts in the right proportions are most certainly not. Eating the right amount of healthy fat will help you to lose fat.
  1. Too much healthy fat
    This is purely an issue with quantity. Healthy fats give us a great amount of nutrition. But sometimes we are just too liberal with our serving sizes. Figure out how much you actually need and stick to it.

    7. Measure your food!

Figure out how much food your body really needs. You may be surprised to find you’re eating too much or maybe not enough. Measure out your food so you get into the habit how much you need to be putting in.

  1. Eating habits
    So you’ve started to feel better, see you body changing and start to relax a little, but this could lead to you returning to old habits. Remember why you set out on this journey to begin with.
  1. Not completely letting go

Giving up some foods is relatively simple, but letting go of that one food or drink can be hard and this could be the reason your body is struggling to shed the fat. Holding onto foods and drink with artificial sugar is commonplace. But these are destructive to your fat loss and health. It’s time to get rid.

  1. Sleeping enough?

Being deprived of sleep can cause weight gain; whereas decent sleep can help you on your fat loss journey. Lack of sleep causes your body to be inefficient and sluggish, when this happens you gain weight.

  1. Organization
    If you aren’t organized with your meal preparation, you’re literally asking for trouble. Ensure you have your meals pre-prepared and at hand for whenever you need them. This should help you to avoid grabbing bad foods on the go.
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