Article By Chris Reeves

Are YOU confused about what diet you should do to get YOU in the best shape of your life?

Have you jumped on the same plan as your friend because it has worked for them?

The way I describe diet plans are…

Diets should be seen like a new dress or jacket getting tailored.

You need to try it on first for fit, make amendments and then tailor it. The diet will need modifications in certain places where it would be different to your friend or even your current coach.

The one size fits all mentality that is seem to be adapted by many coaches and fat loss companies

People need to make regular changes to their diet and they need to do it themselves or with their coach, no one can be told how their diet should look and certainly should not be given a 'NEW DIET'. If you coach suggests “A NEW DIET” slap them.

In the beginning the jacket (diet) needs to be thrown on, it won't fit perfectly but over time YOU make the changes YOU want to see until it's YOUR perfect fit. And again constant tailoring along the way is essential.

All the changes in the world wont make up for the lack on consistency. YOU must be consistent and honest with yourself. Give yourself goals, targets and most of all be consistent.

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