Article By Matt Nailor

Myth Busting

Part 1 :

Turning your fat into muscle?

Fat does not simply turn into muscle, but with plenty of effort and consistency you will notice a change.

Many websites, magazines and trainers or ‘fitness experts’ like to push the notion of turning fat into muscle. They do this for one reason ; to get more clicks, sell more copies and to get more clients.

What’s the difference?

Muscle and fat are two totally different beasts, muscle is what we call active tissue so it continuously burns calories all the time even while you are sleeping. When you move around however the muscles burn more calories on top of their normal caloric burn, almost like a car in neutral and then driving it around quickly.

On the other hand, fat is just cells that act as storage for excess energy that has not been used (by the muscles or organs). It’s sole goal is to be a storage unit that sits around your waist like a spare tire. Body fat is not particularly useful; substance but does have a few purposes such as protection (against bumps) and insulation (to keep you warm). You to however need some fat to stay healthy. These levels are usually considered around 12-18% in males and 20-28% in females.

What’s next?

Now we know the differences between the fat and muscle tissues lets get down to the nitty gritty. You need to grow muscle and burn/remove fat. Unfortunately choosing which you’d like to achieve is of massive importance as it’s near enough impossible to to both at the same time (available in this article)

This is due to needing to maintain a caloric deficit in order to facilitate a fat burning environment. However muscle growth requires extra calories, kind of like needing extra material to put an extension on your house.

In addition to this, insulin ( a key component of muscle building) is not productive for fat burning and is released whenever you eat carbohydrates (how much and how fast is dependant on the source of carbohydrate). So focus on one or the other at a time (fat burn or muscle growth).


Okay so here’s an example of picking your goal (muscle building or fat burn) and how to go about your eating. So you’ve started muscle building and you’ve gained 5 or 10 pounds of muscle. So now we swap to our fat burning phase. Carefully log what you eat and consistently eat a deficit of calories to what your body burns ( no more than 100-500). So if you burn 1800 kcal per day eat somewhere between 1300-1700 kcal per day to facilitate fat burning. So this is where the benefit of having more muscle comes in. Remember we said muscle tissue always burns calories? Muscle burns calories 24/7 and the more of it you have, the more calories you will burn, let alone before you add your training.

Protein Intake

No matter what stage you’re in keep your protein intake up. It’s the best way to ensure you keep, maintain and repair the new muscle you will have built. By playing your cards right and doing one at a time you’ll be able to shed your fat and maintain the hard earned

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