Article By Matt Nailor

Myth Busting

Part 2

Toning. What even is that?

People think to become toned you need to do a lot of reps with a little resistance and to rest plenty. So why is this wrong?

So many people talk about wanting to ‘tone’ or to be “toned” and what they mean is a degree of muscle shape and definition. A fitness goal aimed for by many women especially (but men too). A lot of the time being on the stomach (abs) and those bingo wings (the triceps).

Due to media there is a lot of misinterpretation on what you need to do to become “toned” all you need is high repetitions and very little resistance and a moderate to long rest period. Neglecting the effects that diet and cardiovascular activity have.

The toning myth

Okay so the term ‘tone’ or toning is made up it’s an industry term that appears more to people who are scared of becoming muscular. ‘Toning’ is in short the combination of both increased muscle mass and low enough body fat to see muscular definition.  Muscles do not change from soft to hard - they gain or lose size. Muscle do not physically tone.

Strength Training and Fat loss

In order to achieve this “toned” look you will need to accomplish two things.. Follow a well structured strength training program as well as dropping some of the layer of fat covering the muscles.

Traditional weight training alone will not deliver you the results you desire, the program should be very challenging and not based upon low weight many reps. Along with this a calorie deficit needs to be created to start reducing body fat percentage.

So there it is.

So toning is a fabricated word for the increase in muscle mass and reduction of body fat. In order to achieve this, a well planned strength program and good nutrition eaten in a caloric deficit need to be observed.


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