Article By Matt Nailor

Create a Deficit Your will not decrease your body fat without creating a caloric deficit. This can be done through both dieting and training. However creating this deficit gradually rather than just cutting 1000 calories from your diet will help in the long term.

Manipulate Your Calories (Fats, Proteins, Carbs) So your calorie intake is important when achieving fat loss, but what about your macronutrient breakdown? This is important, as we want to burn fat but maintain or increase muscle. There are several ways to manipulate your macros but prioritizing protein and reducing carbs and fat should be where you start.

Eat Whole Foods Reduce the intake of processed foods to a minimum and focus on eating whole foods; here are a few of the best:

Kale kale is loaded with vitamins and only 33 calories per cup, as well as being high in fiber keeping you fuller for longer.

Avocados High in fiber and healthy fats, means for a tasty and low carbs addition to your staple foods like chicken and eggs.

Chia seeds These are full of protein and fiber as well as omega-3. Also contain anti oxidants and calcium.

Spices Spices can in fact help you with your fat loss goals, providing you choose the right ones. Cayenne pepper will help increase your metabolism and potentially help to burn fat.

Meal Timing Timing your meals around training can help to keep you full and not crave other food. As well as keep you accountable for hitting you macronutrients every day.

HIIT Training High intensity interval training: a great way to do your cardio quickly. Don’t think you have to use a treadmill or bike, be adventurous and inventive.

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