Article By Matt Nailor

Whatever your goal with your transformation the small things all add up to a big difference, so here are a few tips to ensure this is your best transformation ever!


In order for your transformation to be successful you need to have a strong enough ‘why’, why are you doing what you’re doing? Reminding yourself why you’re doing this will help you overcome obstacles along the way.

Find out your why and this will answer many questions you might face along your journey.


Planning can be tough, to some it’s second nature, to others it can be a bit of a challenge. But fitting healthy eating and training into your current lifestyle is going to take some organising. The difference between maintaining healthy eating and going off the rails is preparation. Schedule your food just like you would work or social activities and make sure you are prepared for them. Have some form of healthy food available at all times. Not everything always goes according to plan however, so try not to deviate too much from your plan too much even when things aren’t working out how you’d hoped.

Make those workouts tougher!

Okay, so now you're in the habit of training regularly it can be easy to just work about the weight you’re lifting or the amount of reps you're doing. However the issue with this is that form and technique suffer the fewer good quality reps you will perform and therefore burn less calories.

We are working towards a transformation so keep your workouts fast and intense. Some great techniques to ensure you to this are:

Supersets - Alternating two exercises without rest, of either the same body part or contrasting body parts.

Complex Supersets - Alternating a strength based movement with a faster, lighter movement such as body weight squats or battle ropes.

There are plenty of other training systems that can also be utilised to increase the intensity of your workouts including:

  • Forced Reps
  • Negatives
  • Rest Pauses
  • Drop sets

Meals to transform

The hardest thing when it comes to transforming is nutrition. Eating the same food every day for weeks one end, why?You don’t need to eat like a bodybuilder to transform, Create a list of 5-10 different meals that are nutrient dense with the macros that you need, you can use these as go to meals and won’t become repetitive during your transformation.

You don’t need to use these every meal but should make up the foundation of your everydsy food, especially with meals that you struggle on. Find that meal you struggle on be it breakfast, lunch or dinner break it down into fats/proteins.carbs and then plan for the next couple of weeks.

Track what matters

Okay so writing down what you eat, drink and lift may seem a little pointless to begin with. But it will make you aware and accountable for what you do and sometimes that's all you need.  You’re able to physically see what you’re doing rather than just thinking that what you’ve done is okay.

Scales aren’t the best way to measure progress

It’s easy to get hung up on the number on the scales but this doesn’t always reflect tthe true story. Imagine this scenario - You started your transformation at 170lbs and you’re now 6 weeks in, the scales still say you're at 170lbs - No progress right? Not necessarily, in that 6 weeks you may have lost 6lbs of fat and gained 6 lbs of muscle meaning change in weight but believe me, your physical appearance will be totally different. Your body composition has changed but not necessarily your weight. Here are some better ways to gauge your progress:

  • How clothes fit
  • Have you gotten strong ?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Fat to muscle ratio?
  • Recovery time
  • Mindset towards training


Recovery is important so it is essential that you schedule time for it. If you don’t get enough rest your workouts, energy levels and therefore your results will suffer. Your recovery should be taken just as seriously as your training and nutrition.

Foam rolling, Stretching, massage, meditation, yoga and sleep are all important parts of recovery.  Take care of yourself and give yourself the edge in your upcoming workouts. Give your body the help it needs to heal.

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