Article By Matt Nailor

Neglected tips for fat loss

If getting your abs to show through was a simple as doing more exercise and dieting, it would be super easy.

So what have we overlooked or are we missing? See if these tips for dropping fat are things you are or aren’t doing.

Don’t trade your heavy weights for light ones

Resistance training will be an important part of any effective fat-loss journey. However putting down your weights to pick up lighter ones could be a mistake. Encouraging new muscle growth is important when burning fat as muscle tissue is metabolically active, meaning it will burn calories all day even when you aren’t moving.

HIIT training

You can burn plenty more calories by changing up your cardio approach. High intensity interval training (HIIT) allows you to burn more calories during and after training.

Eat out less frequently

It’s a lot harder to make healthy choices when eating out, by eating at home you will save money and have more control over the ingredients in your food.

Eat before you head out

Don't go and do your shopping when you are hungry, cravings will affect the way you shop. the cinema, parties or bbqs can also sabotage your diet. Eating a healthy snack before you leave the house will help you avoid temptation.

Swap your grains for veggies

When you’re looking to become leaner, reduce your intake of carbs by swapping your starchy carbs for vegetables. This will save you calories every time you swap them.

Replace fruit juices for water

So what if i told you 37% of your daily calories were hidden in your beverages of choice. Swapping them for water is a big opportunity to slash your caloric intake.

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