Article By Matt Nailor

1. Long drawn out cardio is best for Fat loss.

A massive misconception within the fitness industry is that long cardio sessions sitting in the ‘fat burning zone’ are the best for weight loss. Spending hours on a piece of cardio equipment may seem like the best way to get a beach body but despite the benefits is not the most effective for Fat loss.


2. Lifting heavy weights is no good for fat loss.

There are many myths and misconceptions around weight training, especially in women. Who in the past would be advised to steer clear of anything heavy to avoid turning into a bodybuilder. However research proves time and again that this would not be the case, and actually show a huge variety of benefits, including improved mood and posture and plenty of health benefits in between. As well as the big one FAT LOSS.


3. Training whilst fasted will burn more fat.

So why has this myth come to be?

“If you haven’t eaten you’ll have lower levels of glucose and insulin, which will force your body to use fat stores as energy” - Is the typical way of thinking.

In theory this is totally viable, only issue being training whilst fasted could mean any weight loss is coming from losing muscle mass, which we do not want! Doing your training without proper nutrition can make it hard for your body to repair and recover from protein breakdown which happens during exercise. Therefore the body sacrifices readily available muscle tissue. A final food for thought: Training when you're starving and energy levels are low leads to poor workouts.


4. Your caloric deficit needs to be huge to be effective for weight loss.

When we are striving for weight (fat) loss patience seems to disappear. “Why not reduce my calories by 1000 instead of 500” be cause your results will be quicker? I’m afraid not!

Reducing calories by such a huge amount can lead to metabolic issues, and could actually make it harder to drop fat, but easier to gain it!

Other effects this could have are a loss in muscle mass, an increased risk of osteopenia or osteoporosis and negative effects on cognitive brain function.

Also doing this with your diet could lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients, and again this could make fat loss more difficult.


5. Cleansing rids the body of toxins.

So many promotions of ‘detoxing’ or ‘cleansing’ that will magically help you lose weight, but all they actually do is copy what your body is already trying to to. Your body already has organs in place that ‘detox’ the body, including the liver, kidneys and colon. These all process and remove waste from the body. Under usual circumstances any weight loss that occurs during a ‘detox’ is because of a dramatic reductions in calories, but this can cause significant reduction in muscle mass, tiredness as well as more serious issues such as nutrient deficiency, organ damage and poor gut health. Once you return to your normal diet after ‘the cleanse’ those lost pounds will come and find you.

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