Article By Chris Reeves

Before you throw the towel in, rip your gym shark vest up and give up read this…these three simple tweaks to your current training, nutrition, and supplementation plan could make all the difference in your fat loss results. I here it to often hear people refer to fat loss “is that all I’ve lost” “how can I lose more next week”. People treat fat loss like an emergency; they panic and make impulsive decisions rather than thinking clearly and strategically. If it’s taken 2 years to put on don’t expect it to come off in 2 weeks. The result is disappointment, frustration, and worst of all having to start from scratch the next time around! So lets make a change. If you're that person who has struggled to see results by making dramatic, unsustainable changes to your training and lifestyle, try this simple three point system of training, nutrition, and supplementation. It's simple, realistic, and can be adapted to work with a wide range of training plans and schedules. Ok now I have you hooked? Let's make it happen and start adopting your plan today


That Christmas party is coming up fast! Your first instinct may be to slash your calories, but wait that is so wrong. Of course it's not healthy, but it's not effective, either! Not only that…you feel hungry all day, grow irritable, become grouchy, sleep intermittent, and to top it all off your just starving your body. Look at it this way would you put £10 of fuel in your car and espect to drive 200 miles. NO… well neither will your body be able to function, work and train on 400kcals a day. There's a better way and your going to like it. Nutrition plans that cycle carbohydrates are common among fitness athletes, and there's so much research out there to support this method commonly known as carb cycling. The carb cycling strategy alternates high and low carb days. This stimulates the body's production of the fat-burning hormone leptin. Not only are you allowed to eat carbs it is also incredibly mentally rewarding! It gives you a higher carb day to look forward to, which helps you stick with your plan. Introduce your high-carb days on the days you perform your hardest workout sessions. That’s good right you get to look forward to high carb days and still lose weight.


If you're cutting carbs several days a week, you'll need to increase your protein and fats on those days to keep your calories from dropping too low. This is were shakes can come in…
Additionally, any time you make fat loss your goal, you risk losing plenty of fat burning muscle tissue along with the soft stuff. A healthy protein intake (do not replace your meals with your shakes) and supplemental BCAAs can both help you hold on to lean mass, while the BCAAs can also help with recovery between your workouts.

When someone wants to lose fat, particularly by an ambitious deadline for holidays, wedding’s, Christmas, birthday’s “I wanna lose a stone by next week” you name it I’ve heard it, the first supplement that usually comes to mind is a fat burner.

While this can definitely help and I’m not saying rule it out, it's a tool that should only be used when you have your nutrition and training on point.

Cover those crucial nutritional bases first, and you'll give your fat burner and your workouts a better chance of working for you.


Right now if you have started a plan or planning it you’ll probably have your resistance session and a high intensity cardio sessions planned out. Sure, that burns calories, but are you really getting the most out of your workouts. If fat loss is your goal, you don't need to dread those cardio sessions.

Fat loss is all about burning the optimum amount of fat per minute of each workout. Everyone is different and will require a different intensity cardio session for their optimum fat burning potential. Slow intensity cardio also known as “steady state cardio” in a fasted state (preferably morning) will constantly offer far better fat burning potential than slogging your guts out running for an hour on a treadmill.

High intensity cardio has its benefits and is certainly not to be ruled out but for fat loss stick to steady state.

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