Article By Matt Nailor


Water will be a huge factor in how successful your fat loss journey is. Aim to drink around 1 litre per 25 kg you weigh for example if you weigh 75kg try to aim for 3 litres per day. Water is the most important supplement you will take. Clean and purified water should be consumed where possible.

2.Eat greens with all of your meals!

Green cruciferous vegetables will provide you with the majority of vitamins and minerals that you need and will promote good blood health. They will also help your body fight against disease. The side effects of more greens… Fat loss and more energy, definitely worth it!

3.Eat more protein

Protein is essential in the production of hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes, it also assists in the repair and building of muscle tissue. Lack of protein means that our bodies cannot function optimally. Remember muscle tissue burns body fat and to build this muscle, protein is essential. Protein also takes a lot of energy to digest so you even burn calories by eating it.

4.Consume healthy fats with every meal

Eating good fats will be a big boost to your health. It is essential for cellular health and forms the brain and nervous system, increases insulin sensitivity which promotes fat loss, and provides an alternate energy source for your body. Fat will also help to transport essential vitamins A, D, E and K. Just make sure you avoid trans fats and hydrogenated fats as these can be detrimental to your health.


Sleep is not a luxury and don’t you forget it! It is a necessity and if you want results it is a must. Lack of sleep or poor sleep makes you fatter, reduces your output of important hormones and reduces your carbohydrate sensitivity. Not sleeping properly and continuing to train with a high intensity will leave you lacking energy and lowers your immune system response, leaving you open to infection.


Positive mind = positive results. A lifestyle change is much more effective and longer lasting than a diet. A negative mind will mean skuggish gym sessions, poor quality food and this will show in your end result. Again… positive mind, positive results.


Consistency is key, you could have the best nutrition and training plans but that wouldn’t matter if you aren’t consistent. You will get closer to your goal by doing the right things day in day out - FACT! The plans you use are there for a reason so stick to them!

8.Listen to your body

Your body is a clever machine so listen to what it tells you. You may at some point need to tone your intensity down a little, if that’s what your body requires, not listening to it will do more harm than good. Just ensure you know the difference between mental weakness and physical tiredness. Just make sure you go back to your next session harder and feeling refreshed, your results will flourish.

9.Know your goal

When starting any plan ensure you have a clear vision of what your intentions are - stick to these! How bad do you want it? Be focused and to it for you - no one else.

10.You are what you eat

Nutrition will be key to your fat loss, so fill your meals with whole, nutritious, exciting foods, heck be adventurous, just remember to get those vital nutrients in with every meal and you’ll be well on your way to a fitter, healthier, leaner, better you!

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