Our bodies need a lot of fluid everyday to function at there optimal levels. On average a woman will require 2.7 litres of water per day, with men requiring 3.6 litres. That can be a lot for your average person to get down them, especially considering a busy day, Add training to that and you need even more H2O!

Water, however, will help with that never ending hunger, it creates the feeling of fullness as water expands in the stomach you will feel full.

Fibre is next up and is often overlooked part of our diet. Out bodies need fibre too, recommended 38grams per day and 25grams for women. Due to the powerful appetite suppressing properties of fibre we should all try to hut at least the recommended amounts.

Veggies!! A minimum of 3 servings per day of leafy greens and vibrantly coloured veg. Vegetables suppress the appetite due to a combinations of my previous two points. They are around 90% water and high and in fibre. Double the band for the buck!