Absolute Alpha Academy

Absolute Alpha Academy

For Men Who Want To Be Better

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Why Alpha Academy


Helping men rebuild with the help and strength of a brotherhood. A program that focuses on the physical mental and emotional.
A program where men are eager to change and with great support realise their full potential.
This will not be a program for every man, but if you are looking to achieve more than just weight loss then this is the program for you.
This program changes lives.
When we feel the weight of the world is on our shoulders, we close up. We may drink more eat more get more aggressive lose sleep, push loved ones away we keep it all in.
It does not have to be that way.
If you are a male over 40 you are 4 times more likely to take your life compared to women. 73% of suicides are me aged 44-47.
We just can’t continue to ignore this. We can’t continue to think yea I wouldn’t do that! It happens and it’s avoidable.


Absolute have been working for months now to develop a program that will give so much to Men and in turn their families and the ones they love.
It’s Free! It’s 6 weeks getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
Share this with men any men, not just people you think need it.
Absolute are on a mission to change the pull your socks up attitude. We will not rest ever.
I started Absolute nearly 17 years ago, having worked with critically ill people for years, I wanted to help people change their approach to health and fitness mindset so people don’t become critically ill from things that could have been avoided.
We plan to do the same now for men over 35.
Change always comes from the people and their goodness. I still truly believe most people care.
Help us build a brotherhood a place for men to speak freely help each other raise each other and be there for each other.

Im guessing if you have read this far something has resonated with you.
You know deep down that you're not the best version of you. With the support of like minded men you can start to work on becoming the best version of you. Find your place with men who understand, who want to be better, better fathers, husbands, partners, friends. The fire is in you, if it wasn't you wouldn't be here
I'm Really Interested