Alcohol and Fat Loss

As an exercise and nutrition coach, I help clients achieve optimum health, and also become leaner and fitter. I do this through correct exercise prescription and optimal nutrition. The funny thing is most clients don’t have a problem with hard exercise, strength training or even nutrition. However nine out of ten of them have a real problem with cutting out the alcohol. It appears to me anyway, that society associate having a good time with alcohol. Some people are weekend warriors and only drink at the weekend (usually the binge drinker) others enjoy the daily routine of having alcohol especially in the evening to help them kick back and relax.

So is it really that bad? If you are looking to be healthier fitter leaner, then the simple answer is yes. Besides the feel good factor,(or feel bad factor depending on consumption). Alcohol has zero nutritional value and has nothing but negative effects on the body. Alcohol also impairs the livers ability to metabolise estrogen. This is why men suffer the dreaded man boobs, and ladies you don’t escape either! At one point it was only men who had love handles, now we see it more on women however this is lovingly referred to as the “muffin top”

Either way this is not healthy. The body’s inability to metabolise estrogen effectively causes ethanol toxicity. This toxicity causes a series of metabolic issues, including high triglycerides, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, high cortisol and much, much more. So to drink or not to drink that is the question? I think the answer is no! if you are looking for a leaner healthier and fitter body. If you have lots of stubborn fat, particularly belly fat then stay away from alcohol until you have got this under control. People already suffering from excess estrogen, alcohol will only make your symptoms worse, in even the smallest amounts.