Here are a few tips for you to achieve maximum fat loss in the shortest space of time. Consistency is key!

Get your mind focussed on Fatloss 

This is very important, you need to be in the right head space to start with, to remain focused, disciplined and understand that the results will not just happen overnight. They will only happen if you remain focused. As Personal Trainers, we often hear ‘I want to lose fat’, but also ‘I want to build a booty/muscle’. Now these things are of course possible with weight training and correct nutrition. But they take time and perseverance. There are the select few that you see who’s job it is to be in peak shape and who are paid for their photo shoots you see on their socials. This is not reality though. This is their jobs, they train everyday sometimes twice a day. This is not possible for everyone. So give yourself a break and be realistic about what you can achieve.

Forget about cheat meals 

We have clients that walk in and listen to our advice and follow our plans and still ask ‘Am I able to have cheat meals?’ well, let’s just be really honest here. Do you want results in the shortest possible time? Well, the answer is ‘NO!’ Remain focussed, remain disciplined, focus on the goal and you will get the results. You will feel hungry, you will feel like you are missing out, you won’t be able to eat everything and anything in front of you but it will be worth it. If it was easy to be in great shape, everyone would be.

Fasted Cardio 

We know that cardio isn’t everyone’s favourite. BUT it is a necessary evil especially if you want to burn fat and get lean. Fasted cardio is when you do cardio before you have consumed any calories. In fact, exercising in a fasted state can burn up to 20% more fat then after eating. So we know that when you wake up the first thought may be to eat breakfast but try and get straight to the gym for a 45-minute session on the treadmill or Stairmaster before heading for the kitchen.

HIIT Cardio 

We have mentioned the benefits of cardio above, all forms of cardio are effective but we recommend that you look at LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Both will burn fat and LISS is easier as its low intensity. HIIT involves periods of sprints and recovery periods. The beauty of HIIT is that you can get maximum results in minimal time and it stimulates fat burning for longer periods effectively you can burn fat for the rest of the day after a HIIT session. WIN, WIN!


You need to eat just as many carbs as you need when they will be utilized. You should only eat carbs on the days that you weight train. All other meals should be protein and contain healthy fat. Think of eating carbs as filling up your car with fuel. You need to consume your carbs pre and post workout. The carbs consumed before a workout will be converted by the liver into glycogen which will provide your muscles with energy and the carbs consumed post workout will be used to replenish those glycogen stores.

Sneaky Calorie Burning 

So on top of your cardio, you also need to be burning extra calories as often as you can. Walk to work, park the car further away from the office and walk. take the stairs. Walk the long way home from school with the kids. Just get moving, anyway, you can. These things that burn an extra 10/20/30 calories but throughout the day these add up which is what you want when we are looking for the maximum fat loss.

Keep food plain and simple 

As you are probably aware there are a number of spices, sauces and low calories additions to add to your food to add flavour and zing to your food. These are great, but we suggest that you try to aim for food to be in its cleanest state and keep things really simple. Plain and simple.