Six Myths about Six-pack Abs

Acquiring a six-pack seems to be more of a fad among the youngsters. The flaunting of the magnificent six-pack abs by stars such as Dwayne Johnson is also one of the fuelling reasons. Developing the chiseled mid-section is hard work. There are hundreds of myths associated with six-pack abs. Let us look at the most common ones.

1. There is no need to maintain a good diet

You believe this statement at your peril. A bad diet is a bad diet. If you start consuming more calories than you burn, it is a sure recipe for disaster. Your body metabolism goes for a toss and you end up having a single pack instead of six-pack abs.

2. Avoid carbohydrates like the plague

People have the misconception that carbohydrates can kill your abs. In fact, carbohydrates are essential because they can act as body fuels. However, carbohydrates such as white bread, potatoes, and soft drinks can do harm because they can initiate a spike in the insulin levels. Instead, you should consume carbohydrates like fruits, legumes, brown rice and others.

3. Sit ups and crunches are compulsory exercises

No doubt, these exercises are popular but there are better exercises such as Scorpion Tails, Russian Twists, standing rope crunches, and others that help develop your mid-section beautifully.

4. Supplements can make my belly fat vanish

One cannot ignore that supplements like green tea and caffeine can have fat burning properties. However, there is no substitute for hard work. You do not get the abs on a platter.

5. Slow reps are the best for your abs

You need to slow down you reps frequently to avoid burnouts but mixing up your reps speed is the best for building up your six-pack abs.

6. Train daily and develop your abs faster

Nothing can be farther than the truth. Overworking your abs can cause a burnout. You would have to spend a lot of time in recovery. Hence, give your workouts a break in between to allow the muscles to recover and adjust.

These are six of the most common myths associated with your six-pack abs.

Don’t believe everything you read, or hear.

As a fitness & health coach people just love to tell me what they have recently read or heard, especially from the TV or “latest” news on a subject.

Recently clients have been coming into the studio to tell me they have heard that coconut oil is “bad” for you.

Lets explore this- the American Heart Association released an article on coconut oil. The jist of which is that it is very bad for you due to being high in saturated “bad” fats.

The worst part about their research is that it is so outdated. Regardless of all the scientific evidence and research regarding the benefits of coconut oil the AHA is still spouting basic nonsense.


Here’s a few of the benefits besides the internal heart benefits:

Oral Hygiene

Great for Skin

Kill bacteria

Reduce inflammation

Great for hair

Aids weight loss

Great for energy


Sadly most will believe what they hear and see on TV. I’m stating here and now extra virgin coconut oil is good for you, for all the reasons above.

As coaches we stay up to date with solid evidence based research to ensure out clients receive only best.

Want to lose weight?

Suns out guns out. When its warm none of us want to be covering up.

When the sun shines we all want to be in better shape, wishing we had only stuck to our new years resolution. If your thinking of losing weigh let me give you one be tip to you on track.


No matter if your meat-eater or vegetarian, protein is essential. Research has shown many times that diets higher in protein are superior for fat loss and building muscle over low protein based diets.

Muscle is essential for fat loss. The more muscle you have, the ore calories you burn.

Calories from protein have a higher thermic effect, around 25-30% only 5% from fat and 5-15% from carbs. Basically you burn calories by just eating protein. Another hug advantage is that protein will help you keep fuller for longer.


So what is high protein?

I’m guessing most reading this do not want to be body builders, so you may not wish to eat only chicken breasts and tubs on protein a day. To get an idea, a high protein diet would be 0.6-1g per pound of body weight. So for a 140lb person, they would want to aim for 84-140g of protein per day- split that into 4-6 meals a day and they will be manageable. Be adventurous with you foods DO NOT just eat chicken and veg.

So there you have it, want to drop weight? eat your protein. Remember protein comes from the word proteus which means of first important.


Written by Wayne Large

I want to eat more than chicken and broccoli.

So, you’re training hard and eating well, but what’s with all the chicken and broccoli? Surely you can’t live like that forever, why did you start eating like that to start with?… oh! you saw someone on instagram eating like that, who were they? A pro fitness model?

Let’s get something straight: those guys are prepping for shoots or shows, or are professional/ competitive athletes they need to eat that way to do what they do. The majority of us DO NOT. We can have a much more varied diet and still get the results we want. As always, it is a simple calories in V calories out scenario- we burn more that we consume and we will lose fat! So just keep an eye on your overall intake. Now I’m not saying eat whatever you fancy, cause things such as sugar can have a hormonal effect, but just make sensible choices . Unless of course you are getting ready for a cover shoot, or are skipping on stage in 6 weeks; then broccoli and chicken may be the way to go.


The 80-20 rule: The 80-20 rule is a great way for us to work as it means we eat a varied but calorie controlled diet for 80% of the time and remaining 20% we we can let our hair down a little (usually for social events) This way we can enjoy the best in life whilst still getting results. Take a look at Wayne’s recent video on this subject.


Written by Matt Nailor

Don’t feel guilty

Recently, I had a client contact me and tell they were feeling guilty because they were letting me down. (They weren’t) Among other things work, home life and training/ healthy eating were taking their toll. This had lead to excess eating, lack of exercise and a general feeling of unhappiness. My response…?


Don’t ever feel guilty. All you can ever do is put in as much effort as you can, without making yourself unhappy or burning yourself out, what’s the point in over doing it and making yourself feel worse?


My piece of advice is this: the things that make you happy, carry on doing them, the things that don’t? do as little of them as possible and the things you have to do, that you cannot avoid, break them up into small and manageable chunks.


You never have a reason to feel guilty, we all get into fitness for similar reasons, and that is to better ourselves and become a stronger version of ourselves- this takes time, and along the way there will be roadblocks- that is OK.


Written by Matt Nailor.


How to lower your cortisol levels

So what if your cortisol levels are too high?

How can you naturally reduce them back to an optimal level?

(Optimal levels of cortisol range from 6-23 micrograms per 100ml of blood)

Here are some natural ways to bring your cortisol levels back  into there optimum range:-

  1. Switching to a wholefood diet- swapping to low-GI foods, including healthy fats with meals and making sure you consume plenty of fibre
  2. Reduce and manage stress- some methods to do this include: meditation, acupuncture, breathing exercises and spending time outside
  3. Regular exercise
  4. Getting enough sleep- enough sleep helps us to naturally control our cortisol production.

How to increase cortisol levels

So, what if your cortisol levels aren’t high enough? How can you naturally increase them to return to optimal levels?

(Optimal levels in an average adult for cortisol in the morning are between 6-23 micrograms per 100ml of blood)

Here are some natural methods to increase you cortisol levels back to there optimal range:-

  1. Managing stress- methods of this include, meditation, acupuncture, breathing exercises and spending time outdoors
  2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule- 6 to 8 hours per night should be enough
  3. Eat a balanced diet. Eat plenty of wholegrain, fruits and vegetables
  4. Increase your iron intake- This can help to increase energy if you are facing fatigue.


Can’t lose weight? It’s not your fault.

Weight loss is a massive business. Weight loss diets, pills and potions gross billions every year.

This is what one of our clients told us:

“I totally struggled with weight loss, I should have been focused on being healthier being more active, eating better, but I was focused on weight loss. I followed the footsteps of my mum, she had struggled with her weight, joining various slimming clubs, so I followed suit. I know now that focusing of weight loss will only lead to misery and yo-yo dieting. Once I changed to be healthier and fitter both physically and mentally I lost weight and have not regained thanks to what ATN have shown and taught me.You see, jumping from diet to diet, new programme after another will lead you down an emotional dark path.

You have probably started diets because someone you know had lost weight. Only to find you lose a lb or 2lbs and thats it and then start to feel like you are never going to get leaner, slimmer.

This is not your fault.

Remember I said the industry is worth billions? It’s not in the industries best interest for you do their diet once and *boom* you are where you want to be. 80% of people currently at slimming clubs are returning customers. You might be one of these people reading this right now!

Sorry to say, but that slimming diet you think will get you where you want to be, probably won’t! You are being lied to. You can’t fix health, wellness, fitness, strength, emotions with one change.

Losing weight, and more importantly keeping weight off is a result of many small changes. It’s a skill, you have to learn about you, practice, research all the time assessing to find how your body responds and what it takes.

ATN can help you really quickly find out exactly what you need. Consistency is key, but we accept that not everyone can eat chicken and do 10hours of exercise a week, we also accept that sometime your going to want something naughty. Finding consistency is key, making room for the odd trip up is key and finding balance and happiness is key.

don’t waste any more money on weight loss pills, potions are clubs full of broken promises. Wasting money is not even the issue, wasting your time is. You can make more money you can’t make more time- don’t waste your valuable time. Let ATN help you find the best way for you, so you can go onto live a happier, healthier life.

Why you should exercise

Lets be honest, we all know we should exercise. We also know that it’s good for us, but do you know how good?


  1. Exercise helps combat a lot of health conditions; diabetes, depression, arthritis, high cholesterol, stroke, heart attack, injury. Regular exercise, proper prescribed exercise can help all of these and many more!
  2. Exercise improves your mood. Exercise is a stimulant boosting all kinds of chemicals that can help you feel relaxed and happier. Exercise is the original ‘feel good’ drug!
  3. Exercise means better sex (now we’re talking) When you feel tired or are not happy with the way you might struggle with feeling confident with intimacy. Exercise can boost your sex life because it improves your energy and boost your confidence. Exercise also boosts sexual arousal in women and men are less likely to suffer with erectile dysfunction. – Now there are two of the best reasons to exercise.
  4. If you struggle with your sleep pattern, or sleeping in general exercise will help you fall asleep quicker, however be aware this does not mean doing a quick workout before you go to bed will help, it will most likely stimulate you, unless of course the exercise is that mentioned in number 3…
  5. Yes the obvious one, exercise can help you lose weight, and keep it off.Losing weight also massively enhances 1,2,3 & 4.
  6. Basically exercise in king when it comes to a happier, healthier and sexier life. Its doesn’t matter how or what you do, just get some.

Setting a realistic goal

Start with a time scale, not a goal. For example, 12 weeks is a good starting point to make a huge difference to your health and overall body shape. We have had some incredible 12 week transformations.

Step 1 – Eat better, Eat less.You need to look at your current calorie intake and work out your deficit, for more information on this take a look at our facebook page for our recent videos on calorie deficits.

Step 2 – Move more, make it a daily goal to go further than you did the day before, and keep going.

Step 3 – Aim for 1-2lbs a week, this may seem to low to start with but it is much more achievable in the long run.


If you have tried this, struggled or even given up, or just need some help to get your head in the right place, then give us a call and pop in to see us. We pride ourselves on getting real people real results!