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Absolute Training and Nutrition based in Barnstaple North Devon. Our main aim is to offer you an experience that delivers outstanding results, whilst delivering the highest standard of customer service within the personal training industry. Through science based research and years of study we want to make sure you receive only the best. Your initial consultation will be held at our luxury private facility in Barnstaple, to discuss how Absolute Training and Nutrition can help you.

This is an opportunity for you to tell us your goals, your passions and what you want, it also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions. During consultation you will be given a tour of the facility and a chance to see the gym floor and meet our team. If you would like to we can arrange for you to speak to any of our clients. This gives you a chance to hear from the clients who are actually dong the programs. This allows us to show you why Absolute Training and Nutrition’s private coaching and Semi-private coaching experience is like nothing else you may have done before.


Over a 100 Meal Plans Guide. Full Workout Program. Home Workout Full Workout Video Description.

We know how difficult it can be to dedicate the time to hit the gym. So we have designed the complete home program for you. Now you can workout at your own convenience. Absolute Training and Nutrition aim to educate, empower and inspire everyone who works with ATN. This home program will at the very least get you started and help you start to see results. and change those we work with. So grab your free copy of our home workout and our meal plan book with over 100 meal plans done for you.



Macro Guide. Workout Log. Home Workout DVD.

Have you been doing the same workout day after day? Do you find that you just get bored of the same workouts? Why not check out our workout books. Our full colour photo guide workouts will give you that extra push you have been needing. Check them out here.


We get asked Why don’t you just open as a gym? Basically, without nutrition and effective exercise prescription to support you, you won’t get results. We are a results driven training and nutrition facility, if you’re getting the very best then basically its an injustice.

At Absolute Training and Nutrition we want you to have a great experience, which is why we like you to experience the knowledge and skills of our whole team. No one can know it all, and we don’t claim to do so. However as a team we can ensure you that we will deliver the results you are looking for. We offer reassurance so you can just focus on the goal ahead and let us do what we do best which is take you through cutting edge bespoke workouts that will produce the results that Absolute Training and Nutrition are known for.

As you begin to change and your body’s appearance changes, so too will your requirements. We will need to make adjustments. This is why regular monitoring and re-testing is essential in order for you to get the best results. Setting short term and long term goals in the studio and at home helps keep you motivated focused and moving forward. You will be informed about your fat loss, muscle strength and fitness gains, but above all you will look, feel and function better than ever before. We can not wait to see you at Absolute Training and Nutrition, and welcome you to the family.

We have a serious issue with the words Personal Trainer, why? Well basically a Personal Trainer will give you a training program and a nutrition plan. HERE IN LIES THE PROBLEM! The best exercise routine and the most detailed diet plan is no good if you struggle to stick to the plan. Lets be honest here, this is where people fall short. A coach helps you focus on you, so you feel empowered, empowered to make the right decisions for you. So you make better lifestyle choices and create new habits. All the time followed up with the support and passion that you deserve from a coach